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Violet, Rhode Island's state flower
Rhode Island
Rhode Island
Rhode Island's flag
Rhode Island State Flag
Rhode Island Red Chicken, Rhode Island's state bird
Rhode Island Red Chicken



State Bird:  Rhode Island Red Chicken

State Flower:  Violet

State Tree:  Red Maple

State Mineral:  Bowenite

State Rock:  Cumberlandite

State Shell:  The Quahog

State Song:  "Rhode Island's It for me" written by Charlie Hall

Motto:  Hope

Origin of State Name:  The name's origin is disputed; some claim it comes from the Mediterranean island of Rhodes while others say it derives from the Dutch words Roodt Eylandt, meaning Red Island.

Nickname for State:  The Ocean State.  Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State to promote recreation and tourism along its coasts.

Nickname for residents:  Rhode Islanders